How do we overflow with loving relationships during a pandemic crisis in our world? The book Just Imagine, was written with the intent of face to face opportunities to build relationships. At a time that is not possible, what can we do?

Our Challenge as Christians, in all occasions, is to make people feel worthy and loved by God and us. My mind floats back to advice from Rosalind Rinker, an author I followed years ago, “we communicate God’s love through prayer.” WE PRAY!

Christians talk freely about prayer, but statistics support that we talk prayer more than we actually pray. In this time of social distancing and isolations the love that never fails, is “God in three persons, Blessed Trinity!” The fullness of God will communicate in ways we simply are not able.

It is important to make every effort to communicate via text, email, phone calls to remind people, even those we do not know, that we love, care for and value them… and are praying for them. Perhaps even be as creative as the son who took a chair to his Father’s Nursing Home window to communicate by phone. May we never forget, our most powerful, underutilized resource is, now and always, taking extra time to call upon our loving faithful God, to touch others with Divine love. The Love of God made known most fully in Christ Jesus, surpasses our human understanding, but not our ability to experience it ourselves and share it with others.

If you are willing to communicate love though prayer, open the attachment Prayer Requests  with some tools and some specific prayers.

Imagining together,

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