I am fascinated with the 2020 decade, it brings thoughts of visits to the eye doctor. In the optic world 2020 is clear vision; when vision falls short, there is always prescription for correction. Similarly, this new decade is a great time to clearly see God’s Rx for perfecting our vision.

The first order of clarity comes from the beginning of the Genesis scripture that states, “Let us create people in our image.” Personally, I continually need correction to see every person as created in God’s image. In fact, I even forget that I am created in the very image of God.

Also, I tend to forget that God’s heart longs from the very beginning to be in relationship with every person ever created… and yes, faithfully pursues that deep abiding relationship with me and everyone else. The sovereignty of our Creator knows when our relationship needs correction to see and relate with God and others through the lens of such love.

As we enter the opportunities of a new decade, will you consider with me some godly prescriptions for correction:

  • When you look in the mirror to comb your hair or brush your teeth, pause and see yourself as “created in God’s image”, loved and welcomed by Jesus.
  • View every person you pass or come in contact with, as “Created in God’s image.” You will see them differently.
  • Just Imagine’s primary focus is helping us see more clearly our intended relationship with God and others. It is intended for a slow read with an openness to the adjustments God longs to make in every life.
  • Beyond our individual benefit, the book is designed for small groups to learn and grow together. Consider creating your own group, or working with your church leadership to begin such a group; journeying with others is so helpful. Hopefully the joy of God’s Hospitality will increasingly overflow with loving relationships.

Imagining together,

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