The Women Connect topic was God’s Hospitality, Just Imagine was the resource. Janet owned the book, as she reread, a Hospitality Challenge caught her attention: How is hospitality different from entertaining? She came prepared with googled answers.

Hospitality: friendliness, welcome, warm reception, helpfulness, neighborliness, warm-hearted, kind-hearted, generosity, bountifulness, open-handedness, congeniality, amicability.

Entertainment: amusement or diversion provided by performers.

The book provided more awareness: The Old Testament teaches extending God’s hospitality creates a sacred bond between host and guest. In the New Testament Jesus teaches and demonstrates God’s hospitality that honors all as children of God. Jesus holds the Kingdom bar high. We are to grow into the likeness of Jesus Christ, become “little Christs”.

By providing hospitality in God’s house, we establish a household. In this household of faith, we learn to love, nurture, and help others recognize themselves as children of God. And God’s household never gets too big.

So questions are: Am I growing in the likeness of Jesus Christ? Is our church helping people recognize themselves as children of God?

Let’s Just Imagine what can happen as we learn to better overflow God’s Hospitality with loving relationships!

Imagining together,

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