Jerry commented, “I’m reading your book, there’s a lot there, more than I imagined.”
Later Amanda said, “I’m part way through the book, I’m reading it slowly.”

Both responses created a smile, exactly my prayer for readers to experience. I recalled my earliest days in God’s Hospitality ministry, all day seminars were not uncommon. In one setting with a cluster of churches, a pastor concluded, “Five hours to unlock God’s Hospitality, how is that possible? We’ve been here for five hours, with much more to learn.”

Hospitality as God intends is a simple concept, yet the height and depth of God’s love is endless in learning and living it out. Developing it as lifestyle, a cultural change in our churches, doesn’t feel easy; it goes against our human nature.

And yet, there is joy in sharing Jesus’ love. That’s why I’m thrilled that ecards, on line orders, church connections, and a book launch put 200 books out there! God’s hospitality is a matter of the heart, my hope is:

  • Individual readers will personally feel more of God’s love for themselves and their neighbor, and embrace and live as the One who granted ultimate welcoming on the cross.
  • Sharing verbally helpful aspects of the book will happen one on one, in small groups and church governing bodies.
  • As a simple act of faith sharing, a book review written to Amazon, so people we do not know, might experience God’s ‘welcome home’ in their lives.

All with the goal for us to accept God’s call to partnership, welcoming and loving others into the Kingdom. It’s in a book now, instead of five hour seminars. I offer opportunities for workshops, sermons, consultations, and visioning to JUST IMAGINE, The Joy of God’s Hospitality Overflowing with Loving Relationships.

Imagining together,

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