In our everyday lives, we are often expected to offer hospitality to others we meet, yet for Christians and church leaders, hospitality can mean so much more. What is hospitality in the spiritual sense? Why do we extend God’s hospitality? Who is called to offer this hospitality? And how do we live out God’s hospitality?

Just Imagine: The Joy of God’s Hospitality Overflowing with Loving Relationships answers these questions and more about Christian hospitality. Author Dianne B. Salter explains how this is not a program; it is a Christian lifestyle, especially in the church, the body of Christ. God’s hospitality must be supported and promoted by the pastor and by the church governing group. But it will be effective only if the people in the pews take leadership, advocate for it, and sincerely practice this new lifestyle.

Based on scriptural directives, Just Imagine advocates friendship evangelism, building relationships, and creating ministries for those not currently a part of the church. All chapters end with Hospitality Challenges that help individuals and the church to just imagine what they might become if they willingly partnered with God in truly practicing God’s hospitality.