Problems none of us have ever experienced are occurring in our world, everyone has been challenged to do what we can to help. So we ask the questions: What can I, what should I do?

Hopefully words from Just Imagine can be helpful:

God commissions us to be emissaries of love. Our faith journeys will encompass fearful images, difficult obstacles and dubious outcomes. But being connected to and dependent upon God will win the day. We need to believe this for ourselves; then God wants us to love others into that same belief. (Chapter 3, p.22)

When we connect with God, in our neediness, we feel loved and cared for. It doesn’t take long for God to call people and circumstances to our attention, even during isolation. As I depended on God, my heart was hurting for a world experiencing a pandemic. And then I read:

“Be silent before the Lord, all humanity, for God is springing into action from his holy dwelling.” Zech. 2:13

Stay at Home Regulations determined our community Prayer Walkers should walk and pray in home neighborhood. For two years, my husband and I have walked this area for exercise, waves, smiles, and hellos; sometimes quick prayers were called to my attention. Today, I would carry to the part of humanity living closest to me, this renewed promise to me.

Outdoors, alone, passing over a hundred homes, again and again, praying:
“Be silent before the Lord – all humans living here – God is springing into action for all of you.”

Without the usual eye contact, hand shake, or warm words of comfort I so appreciate, God had asked me to share his love for others, one prayer after another.

Headed home, overflowing with joy, assured God is springing to action!

Imagining together,

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