God’s Hospitality is timeless, it’s throughout my writings in “Just Imagine”. Amid the pandemic and deep racial issues, I’m finding writings I labored over are teaching me, anew. As I encounter broken hearts, hardships, isolation, injustices, and view protests and lawlessness there is anger, fear and hopelessness.

Everyone shares an opinion about the disease, rights removed, economic destruction, communist threats, and emotional breakdowns. Divisiveness is everywhere, even among Christians. What’s a Christian to do?

Just this morning I read again:

A core piece of living as a Christian is being rooted and grounded in the love of God known fully in Christ Jesus and loving each other. …

…We must dispel any remnant of we/they mentality that lurks or lingers anywhere within our ministry. E. Stanley Jones says any such notion is “self-righteous pride, denoting a sense of being superior.” Peter had that flaw when he said, “Though they all fall away…I will never fall away.” This exposes an attitude not unlike the man who prayed. “I thank You, God that I am not a sinner like everyone else…” p.18

Scriptural stories reflect love for God, faith in God, and being loved by God conquering fear and brokenness. The most poignant; Jesus going to the cross. God loves all people of the world that deeply.

“We” who claim the name of Christ, no matter what “they” do and say, are called to lay down “any notion of self-righteous pride.” At the foot of the cross, we confess our own sinful nature, humble ourselves before the Triune God who loves all, asking the hard question: “What’s my part?”

Be still and listen! Breathe in the Holy Spirit, rise up, take the next step of loving God and loving neighbor. Just Imagining… what could happen if every Christian did that.

Imagining together,

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